Friday, November 12, 2010

second day

Mrs Frosini
the queen of the lake
there is a small island in the lake which called the island of mrs Frosini
so two day of magic and then a lovely way back home with good company,great view and a lot of fun in the car.i fell in love again with this mysterious city.

out of the castle,down to the stairs
a lot of small iron gates, grass and tricky little paths
the hole scenic reminds me a fairy tale with kings,queens and dragons (although i didn't see anyone)


  1. you lucky, lucky girl!! do you have any information about when the castle was built? and also the unusual red building with columns?

  2. well melina asked me a few informations
    the castle was built in 1619
    and little red caffe in 1900 but is renovated now