Monday, August 9, 2010

red carpet

you are so beautifull!!!
sorry girls i didn't have a real red carpet
next time i will i promise
black dresses,red t-shirts,crem dresses and trousers and animal print hair bands
so cute outfits

it's my party

it was my party
my birthday party
i am 24 now. this year i decided to have a" kids" party just like the those we had when we were young
here we are on our porch eating,drinking,talking and playing with the baloomummy your tomato pie was delicious
marina,dimitra,maria,fani and i
so as i said a kids-party
pink glasses for the girls and blue for the boys
pink and blue plates,baloons and corns

happy birthday to you.............................................
24 candles and ten sparkle candles my cake is on fire

hey guys did you have fun?

Sunday, August 1, 2010


we just wanted to play,take photos and have fun
and there were about ten children around us loughing and teasing
ok we are not soooooooooooooooo old look little Marinoula
doesn't she look like a 12 years old girl in hes pink dress?

dark red hair,pink dress and a zebra belt
we were on our way to coctails with a short break (which became a big one) in the playground

-lol girls but it's time to leave.children are starting to get furious

Dimitra:pink dress too,sandals and a big smile............

the first big job

yesterday i went to a metal concert
actually it was a 2-days festival
i am not really into this kind of music but it was the first big job with his new equipment

you look great and the sound was perfect
good luck with the rest