Thursday, July 29, 2010

what i wore that day

i think from now on i will give more details about my outfit so........................
shoes: zara
bracelets: thrifted
bag:mambo fx accesorises
belt and t-shirt:gifted (my brother brought me those from his trip in Italy last summer)
that's it for today

saturday morning

saturday morning
we desided to have breakfast and coffee at loco coffee bar (by the river and next to my house)
and as long i was waiting for John to get ready i took some pictures (helpfull time setter) this is at his house infront of their piano
i really love their floor,it looks old and magically it reminds me of some fairy tails
and then we were there and John kindly offered to help me with my camera
i can't remember how many times i jumped in order to take this photo

Friday, July 23, 2010

where are we girls?part II

-do you want to dance with him?Dimitra is jealus

oooooooooooooo why are you sitting there alone?nice hat!!!

-oops!what are you doing up there

-too pity it's time to go little squirel

where are we girls?

yesterday was a really hot day
so we went by the river and had fun
-but wait a second we are not alone,someone's staring
-oh it's a squirel, so cute

-why are you runing girls?

-that's my little 8month dog.his name is Aris and he is an english setter
isn't he you....

-Marina you dressed up just like Aris, black and white

Thursday, July 22, 2010


last afternoon Marina invited us at her house in order to celebrate her name day.
actually the real celebration took part the night before that at a bar so we spent the afternoon just the three of us (the others were out of the town)
drinking coffee, eating sweats, loughing and chating...........
and ofcourse we took some pictures in Marinas' bedroom
thanks for the invitation sweaty

it was a cool afternoon in the hot summer
T-shirt Zara
Marina loves it that's why i worn it yesterday

Thursday, July 15, 2010

black and white

this title reminds me of some lyrics i used to hear a lot as a student an old beautifull house

a silent garden

the wind

and a agreat view of the sea out of the blue window
and then a boy, a girl, a guitar and some great books
could you think of anything better for a relaxing weekend?
Lena thank you for your hospitality
i wore the same clothes both days, i didn't make my hair and i didn't put any make up at all
it was a really relaxing 2-days holidays

leopar lover

that's Fani
i can't remember how many times she has changed her haircut and how many pairs of sunglasses she's got
here she is with her new appearance

sunglasses :H&M

Monday, July 12, 2010

blue with white dots

it could be a Minie-mouse outfit (if minie wore blue and not red)
that skirt was a first-sight love
i found it in a little store next to the bus station after a really exhausting day it is a store with D.I.Y. clothes from London
i fell in love with that store too and i am going to visit it again very soon

t-shirt :Zara
skirt :london fashion
bag :thrifted
shoes :i can't remember
buttoniera :handmade

Monday, July 5, 2010

last day

Elounda beach
is one the most famous places in Crete

and Spinalonga island
there is a great story about this island and i will wright it as soon as i have all the details

second day (part II)

the wedding took part in a winery because bth of the bride and the groom are oenologists
unfortunatelly i wasn't able to take a photo of them because as soun as they arrived my camera closed(no buttery)
so here we are me and Alex drinking a glass of a sparcleing rose wine

second day

the castle, the old port and Chandakas


i spent 4 days in Crete with my brother (Alex)
we got there for a wedding but it actually turned into a road trip in north Crete
our first day in Rethimno-the fortezza (that;s how they call th castles)

which is the most real?the few seconds of a photosout or the thousund calls in mind of th next years?