Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let the sun shine!!!

yesterday it was a shunny but chilly day so in the morning i desided to be sunny and cosy in one outfit
what would be better than the little yellow sweater?
back yard, under our orange tree, just after lunch and having mum taking photoes
usually she needs hours to take a ok pic but yesterday she was in mood (accidentally i believe)

sorry mum and thanks for the pics
after all thy were amazing
you managed to catch the light lol..............

i have this skirt for 7 years
it used to be longer and i didn't use to wear it much
so i shortened it and now i think it became one of my favorites

sweater: attrativo
skirt: zara
tights: calzedonia
boots: on the road
black t-shirt:zara


  1. Love the yellow top! Somehow yellow always makes things better and adds sunshine to dull days!

    Great photos.

  2. w ti omorfo k fwteino kitrino!!